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APR Representative: Representative 1169.67% APR Representative Example: Borrow £200 for 30 days. The total charge for credit is £48.00. Total amount repayable is £248.00. Fixed interest rate of 292% per year. 1169.67% APR Representative. Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to: moneyadviceservice.co.uk

Welcome to High Acceptance Loans

The beauty of life is its uncertainty about coming events; it may be of physical or financial. You are maintaining good lifestyle and daily exercise so that your general health is perfect, but what about accidents which are not in your control.

Similarly you can plan your monthly budget according to your income, your day to day life is enjoyable and cool, but sudden any unexpected expense like car break-down, any appliance out of work or any raised electric or gas bill can destroy all your financial planning.

To fill any monetary vacuum you have to arrange money from any reliable source to come out of it with a time bound solution. As you know bank loans are procedure linked and very time taking, and high street lenders have fast approvals but are charging very high interest rates, so what are other options?

Online loans which can be applied from anywhere at any time are the good alternatives for short term cash need. We at High Acceptance Loans are providing such type of real time loan matching facility, so that you can find suitable loan even with your mobile.

Just you need to fill the attached application form by giving relevant details, our associated lenders loan mapping online platform will suggest few options for you. We will never insist our visitors to finalize deals with our lenders only; you should try all other possible options and compare loan quotes, then take a final call as per your will.

Now a natural question will arise, what will be the acceptance rate?

Loan acceptance rate depends on few factors like loan repaying capacity, your past credit history, your regular employment, proper bank account and UK citizenship. Last three requirements i.e. you should a UK resident age above 18 and engaged in regular job for more than last six month and your salary is credited in bank account are mandatory without which you can not apply for these loans.

Now we will take other two loan requirements your credit score and monthly savings to loan repay.

As per new guidelines for direct lenders in UK, which is popularly called “responsible lending policy” every lender have to verify loan suitability of borrower before any loan approval. So if you are not in position to afford loan then this option will not work for you.

Now final factor to evaluate your loan acceptance rate is your credit score. The good news is that all loan seeking persons can apply here irrespective of their credit history. The basic logic behind this is that, you may have failed to repay your loan or other dues in past, but one cannot draw inference that you will fail this time also.

Of course every lender will verify your credit score before loan approval to assess his loan risk but if your current fiscal status is strong then despite of your bad credit, your loan may be accepted.

Loan Amount Credit score guarantor Acceptance rate
£200 Good Not required High
£100 Poor Not required High
£500 Bad Credit Required High

From above table it is clear that for bad credit scores applicants, lenders may ask for a guarantor before loan approvals. Guarantor is a person who signs the deal with you and lender with a declaration that if you fail to repay loan, then lender can recover loan from him.

We can easily draw other inference from table that for small loans approval rate is always high in comparison to high sum.

Loans with brokers or direct lenders

Loans with direct lenders have many benefits over loan through a broker. As brokers are associated with many lenders and they will try to sale your loan lead to lender who will pay the maximum commission. Till broker will not find good deal for this sale he will keep your loan application on hold. This will delay your loan processing at the time when you are expecting early funding.

Loan with lender or broker Loan cost Processing time
Direct Lenders Normal Fast
Brokers Same or more than direct lender Time taking

About HighAcceptanceLoans.co.uk

We at HighAcceptanceLoans.co.uk are not a broker or direct lender. We are working with a group of lenders who have all required licenses and permissions from payday loan governing body in UK. At our end we do not hold your data and pass it to lenders directly. For our online loan application facility we do not charge any brokers fee, our services are free to use.

All credit checks are done by direct lender only, we are not involved in this process. All loan approvals are on the lenders will, we have no role in approval. We do not guarantee about loan approval time lines as well as requirements, if lender need more information he may contact you.

For all query related to loan approvals, repayments or rescheduling of loan term please contact to your lender only.

Non repayment consequences

If at any point of time you feel difficulty in loan repayment inform your lender immediately, he may offer you some options for extension of loan term.

For any loan default, lender may forward your case to third party loan collection agent who will also add recovery charges in outstanding loan amount, or lender may refer your name to credit score agency for adverse ratings.

As short term loans are high rate of interest loans so should not be used as regular borrowings. If you have already loan balance then never try to repay by this loan, this misadventure may cause you financial loss or you may trap in spiral loan trap.

High Acceptance Payday Loans

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to: www.moneyadviceservice.co.uk

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