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APR Representative: Representative 1169.67% APR Representative Example: Borrow £200 for 30 days. The total charge for credit is £48.00. Total amount repayable is £248.00. Fixed interest rate of 292% per year. 1169.67% APR Representative. Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to: moneyadviceservice.co.uk

High acceptance rate no brokers direct lender credit check loans

Can I apply with poor credit?
The past poor credit score cannot stop you from high acceptance loans for bad credit because these loans are approved on the basis of your present financial earnings.
How many new lenders are added to the UK payday market?
After implementation of new payday regulations by FCA many old and reputed lenders have closed their business due to low profits, but now the market has gained momentum and more brand new payday loan lenders are joining the show.
How to get high approval rate loans?
Before applying for a loan if you keep ready proof regarding your income and expenditure then it will be easy to get high acceptance loans in UK.
Can I apply for small amount like £100?
Yes, loans are available of £100 loan direct lender bad credit because for low income group and poor credit persons it will be difficult to get high sum loans.
How to find direct lender?
you can insure guaranteed payday loan direct lender by checking their name in the FCA register with their entry number given on their website.
Who will perform credit checks?
The credit check will be done payday loans direct lender no credit check is performed by the broker.
What if very bad credit?
Loans for very bad credit direct lenders will be helpful as you can easily prove your suitability by showing your salary slip or bank statement.

What about CCJ cases?
For ccj loans direct lender will perform loan suitability conditions for you if satisfied loan will be approved by them.
How to get 100 approved loans?
If you are willing for most accepted payday loans, then you should apply for minimum amount so that you can pass the suitability criteria of the lender.
Is direct lender process loan faster?
Yes, payday loans direct lenders are instantly processed as you submit your details. Because your application through broker a middleman may take time to reach direct lender.
How to ensure for lenders?
Every month there are new entrants of brokers and lenders having good looking websites so before submitting your form please double check that they are new payday lenders not brokers.
How to get fund till next payday?
Payday loans UK is designed for the short term cash need and are payable on your coming pay date.
Who will provide high approval rate, lender or broker?
For high acceptance loans direct lenders UK is the best choice for you, because you can easily comply with their requirements and also negotiate for the best deal.
What about guarantor for very bad credit?
Even for very bad credit loans no guarantor direct lender is available. As you know short term loans are unsecured loans that is why they bears high interest rates.

High Acceptance Rate payday Loans

When you are looking for fast cash relief with bad credit through short term loans like payday loans then the loan acceptance rate is very crucial. Many brokers may claim about high acceptance loans , but direct lenders will follow the FCA guidelines in this regard. This means your loan affordability check is must before funding. Loan acceptance rate depends on your loan applied amount and your evidence about loan repayment capacity. So it is not possible to broker or any other person to forecast about the loan acceptance.

Bad credit Loans

Bad credit history is not a big hurdle in loan approvals, particularly on payday loans as these are very short term credits depends upon your current financial status. If your present cash crunch is due to some unexpected circumstances like car breakdown or medical urgencies otherwise you are living in well financial managed life, then your past credit history will not kill your payday loan prospects.

Fast approval loans

For fast loan approvals and increase the loan acceptance rate the burden of proof about your present loan repayment capacity will be on you only. If you can produce your past bank statement and salary slips to make an assessment about applying loan affordability, then your loan application will be processed fast and loan acceptance chances will be high.

Payday loan suitability

As we know payday loans or text loans are very short term unsecured loans and bears high interest rates so these should be opt as exceptional circumstances and not as a regular credit.

Loan Eligibility

The basic eligibility criteria for these funding is a UK citizen who is in regular employment and getting paid through bank in UK. Logic behind this is because of the special nature of credit. Bank account plays a vital role in funding, if loan approved the money is directly credited in this bank account and also loan repayment is done through auto debit of this account only.

Now question remains unanswered about where to apply?

Payday loan brokers are very active in the UK market through their high quality websites with a claim of high acceptance instant approval no credit check loans but you should not believe on false advertisements. Although a credit check is not so relevant in payday loans; but many lenders perform the credit check to know your past loan history.

High acceptance loans with direct lender

You should try to apply for payday loans with direct lenders only so that you can see the clear picture of loan acceptance in the first instance. In case of brokers they never say no and try to sell your data to a number of lenders who reward them the highest commission. This will delay your loan approval and also may cost you more.

What are the charges and fees?

FCA has fixed upper limit for interest rate and charges, now maximum interest of a payday loan can be up to 0.8% per day and under no circumstances you have to pay more than double you borrowed.

If not repaid on time?

You will have to pay an additional sum as a penalty with interest for the extended period. If you become defaulter for a long period without informing the lender he may take legal action against you and also your credit score go down. So apply for the loan amount actually needed and the same time you can return this in due time.


We at High acceptance Loans working as a bridge between loan seekers and money lenders with the help of this online platform. We do not charge any fees from visitors of this site. As we are not a lender or broker so we have no say on the loan approvals. We do not claim for high acceptance loans payday loans no credit checks as it is fully depends on the lender to perform a credit check on you or not.

Summary of loan procedure

As you apply by filling the attached form, we will forward your data to our group of direct lenders for considerations. If any of them show interest, then we will connect you to that lender and he will process the application. Lender may ask more details if required. After his loan approval money will be sent to you by direct bank transfer even on the same day. Similarly the loan amount plus interest will be debited from your bank account on the due date.

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High Acceptance Payday Loans

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to: www.moneyadviceservice.co.uk

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